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Meet Paul, Nyishar founder

Like many people, I arrived on a path of healing out of necessity.

"I have been studying, training & practicing traditional Tibetan medicine since 2012 and it has catalysed a profound transformation within me that has helped me to make genuine progress - physically, mentally and on the level of energy - the subtle anatomy of the body. Likewise I have been able to share this understanding with many people and help them on their journey towards greater health - whether through a personal consultation, or via the hundreds of hours of free videos I have uploaded to the Nyishar YouTube channel." 


Why Tibetan Medicine?

Categories of treatment


Nutrition that supports individual constitution & promotes healing & vitality.


Behaviour that reflects the passing of the seasons & harmonises the natural energies of the body.

External Therapies

Ku Nye (Tibetan massage), moxibustion, cupping, acupuncture & stick therapy to balance the fundamental energies of the body.

Herbal & Mineral Medicines

Natural medicines from around the world, tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

Meditation, Mantra & Spiritual practice

Internal yogas & meditation practices for healing & spiritual development.

Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Medicine) is an ancient healing art from the Himalayas that is incredibly pertinent to this modern era. Sowa Rigpa has a dual meaning - firstly it can be translated as 'healing science' but also as 'nourishment of awareness'. This is because it's not only a medical system for the body and mind, but also a complete philosophy and practice for living and dying. We are all made from the same fundamental ingredients, yet the arrangement and activity of those ingredients is unique to the individual. This is why patients are diagnosed and treated according to their personal constitution. Although it has a strong buddhist influence, Sowa Rigpa is a system of healing that is open to people of all cultures, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

Sowa Rigpa can help with a vast array of both chronic and acute conditions.


Common areas of focus are:

  • Digestion

  • Exhaustion/fatigue/rejuvenation

  • Mental health/anxiety/depression

  • Fertility and reproductive health

  • Paediatric and geriatric conditions

  • Diseases of the internal organs and sense organs

  • Recovery from trauma and injury

  • Detoxification​


“I can not recommend this company enough! They have the highest possible standards for quality and apply scientific knowledge to their products and services.”


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